5 Ways to Tell If Becoming a Travel Advisor is Right for You


1)  Do you adore planning your trips?
More importantly, do you like the details and logistics? When you’re planning do you include day-to-day details where applicable? Is part of your process picking out unique restaurants? Or finding a personal tour guide for the Vatican? Do you like going with a full itinerary and feel pride and joy when your family compliments you on a job well done?

Something to note, I’m not talking about enjoying “deal hunting” that has nothing to do with being good at this profession, as you’ll quickly learn to despise that word and that a deal is only a deal if it fits your client! πŸ˜‰
2) Do you save and plan for at least one vacation annually? While having been everywhere is not important, having been a few places and experiencing the logistics of travel is essential. If you are always encouraging friends to take vacation then you’d probably be great at helping others justify the importance of seeing our wonderful world!
3) Do you trust a professional for other services? Are you a fan of using an accountant, hair stylist, Realtor and financial advisor? Then you already have respect and understanding for the service industry that you’re about to walk into. We’re still finding our footing in getting the general public to grasp how essential we are.
4) Are you a people person? Do you get satisfaction from helping others? Have you enjoyed working in sales and service in prior jobs? This is definitely a people person job! And while not everyone’s a peach – a good mentor in the industry will help you learn to say no to some business!
5) Are you self-motivated? This is definitely a career where a little self motivation goes a very long way! You will have to be an advocate for yourself and clients on a daily basis! Being timid means you probably won’t go far in this .


Places to get an education:

Travel Leaders of Tomorrow – Travel Leaders of Tomorrow Website
I would love to introduce you to Heather Kindred, the Program Director!
The Travel Institute – The Travel Institute website

Gifted Travel Network – Travel MBA

Need a mentor? Let me see who I know in your area or myself, I can talk for days on becoming a travel pro!!

Still skeptical? Take a look at my friend Steph (who runs Host Agency Reviews) post she wrote two years ago, all information still holds true: Travel Agent Career Its Not an Oxymoron


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