Announcing Heather Christopher Travel Consulting, LLC …


You can file this one under reasons you haven’t heard from me in forever….

What an exciting day this is for me…one I have been praying about for a long time!

As many of you know, having children changes your  life…to say the least!  My career has always been a high priority and source of pride, joy and fulfillment for me and I try not to take a second of that for granted. When Caroline joined our family, I made the decision to start working only three days a week in order to keep my sanity and help us afford childcare. Then surprise – Maddie joined our family.  Brett and I realized we had to re-prioritize so that we were closer to family and in an environment we wanted to raise our girls.   As some of you know, we moved to the Gettysburg, PA area last summer and it was truly one of the best decisions we’ve made …ya know, besides getting married so young and having our girls.

When we made the decision to move, I was so fortunate to have the support of my boss, Debbie, and team at Classic Travel, which allowed me to work from home. This was a huge transition for me in a multitude of ways – most significantly, it forced me to decide what the next step was for my career as a travel professional.  Leaving a strong legacy to my girls’ matters most to me. Part of that is showing them the world, which is why creating unique, lifelong memories for my clients continually brings me happiness, pride and fulfillment.  My job doesn’t save lives in a literal way, but it can change them. By changing one person’s perspective on another culture,  giving them an appreciation for the world around them but also reminding them why they love their family or their friends, I have a large role in changing the world everyday.  I am honored to create the space in which these moments occur.  That is why I am so, SO excited to announce the opening of my own travel agency, Heather Christopher Travel Consulting, LLC.

My goal is to help you through every step of the trip planning process from brainstorming, research, booking and  providing you support before, during and after travel. I want to give you access to my ten years of cultivated contacts, preferred partners, hotel amenities, cruise line benefits, thousands of hours of education, on the ground experience and my awesome personality (insert laugh/cry  face emoji here).  I know what I’m talking about and if I don’t, I know someone who does!

I specialize in the following:

  • Romantic getaways
  • Destination Weddings
  • Stress-free honeymoons
  • Family vacations to include multi-generational trips
  • Group travel…no group is too small or too large
  • European and U.S. River Cruises
  • Ocean cruising
  • Custom Itinerary building (think 10 days in 3 European cities or island hopping in the Caribbean, Hawaii or Tahiti, a river cruise + city stay in Amsterdam, Tuscany Villa rentals, Kenya + South Africa combo)
  • Dude Ranches + Hunting trips
  • Escorted tours (G Adventures, Collette Vacations, Globus, Tauck…to name a few)

I would sincerely appreciate you passing this message along to anyone you think could benefit from my services.  Also, I’d love for you to follow my Facebook Page,  Instagram and visit my website.

Remember..the internet makes it complicated, but I make it simple! I am looking forward to planning your next adventure!

Happy Travels,

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