HCTC Passport Pages August Updates

From the Desk of Heather Christopher: August 2020 Updates

Hey friends!Similar to last month, I am going to continue to focus on sharing some travel news with you! I want to make sure we are all as up-to-date, informed, and prepared as we can be. Below are three articles that I find are important: So, the travel advisory was lifted? Well, sort of! While you could still technically … Read more

How to Plan Travel in COVID times

How to Plan Travel in the “C” Times

How to plan for future travel – NOW – in the midst of pandemic! You’re feeling caged in, locked up, stir crazy – all of the above? I’m 110% right there beside you 😉 Planning travel was always overwhelming, but now, just the question “can I go?” makes it hard enough. We’re here to help … Read more

HCTC Passport Pages July Updates

From the Desk of Heather Christopher: July 2020 Updates

This month we are travel news heavy! I want to make sure you feel on top of it all – if you’re interested ;). You can find a break down of details and articles I have found that are beneficial as we continue to move forward. Where can you go internationally? You can find a country by country guide … Read more

HCTC Passport Pages June Updates

From the Desk of Heather Christopher: June 2020 Updates

The world is slowly starting to reopen and, with that, comes continuous learning of new rules, regulations, and restrictions per destination. We are perfecting the information you need to know to make an educated decision and ensure you have the proper information when you go! If you’re curious about what travel looks like right now, … Read more

HCTC Passport Pages May Updates

From the Desk of Heather Christopher: May Updates

We’ve made it to mid-May 🍾! This month’s update is coming to you in video form. You can check it out below:   Sick of video? Here are some quick overall notes from what I went over above: My hours: not a huge change from before but my hours are 100% appointment only now because #threekids.  Bucket list … Read more

From the Desk of Heather Christopher: April Updates

First and foremost, I hope this note finds you healthy and sane. I wanted to touch base with you and answer some common questions I am receiving so I created a video to talk through it all with you!   Hopefully you don’t dislike watching videos 😉But tell me I would love to know…how are … Read more

Heather Christopher Travel Consulting Travel Advisor and Hawaii Expert

From the Desk of Heather Christopher: March Updates

  Thank you so much for all your prayers and kind words with the arrival of Bre! We sure are enjoying soaking up her first few weeks in the Christopher household! 🙂I am on maternity leave until Monday, June 22nd – that is subject to change slightly but I will keep you updated if plans adjust at all. My … Read more

Jake and Meg's anniversary to Kenya by Heather Christopher Travel Consulting feature

Itinerary Feature: Jake + Meg’s Anniversary in Kenya

They win for sweetest and most understanding couple. Meg and Jake made this entire process from start to finish so pleasant and reminded me of God’s grace when we had a heart attack over a mis-communication two weeks before their trip – fortunately all was well and they had the most beautiful trip!


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