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 I started reading blogs over five years ago with KathEats; most of my reading is on “healthy living” blogs. They are still the same ones I read & a few have become clients over the years, I’ve never told them but that’s celebrity status to me! One of my very favorite types of posts to read are the “day in the life”!  My day to day in the office can really vary; we are appointment only so some days are much busier & others I spend more time on the phone. It’s one of the best parts of this profession, no two days are alike.

9:00AM I strive to arrive around nine giving me thirty minutes of peace before the phone is on.
One side of my desk. #organizedchaos

9:30AM: Phone’s on – it’s go time! Still sorting through e-mails and any voice-mails…writing my to-do list in Outlook as I go, prioritizing by date.

10:30AM: I’ve already cleared out my inbox leaving those that need responding to, made my first three phone calls of the day to Celtic Tours to start a new Ireland itinerary, ask a question that I received regarding a cruise cabin’s bathroom & call in a payment. Oh & drank my third cup of coffee!

11:30AM: New requests coming through for winter getaways. And they want to go NOW! These are some of my favorite trips to plan, pickings are slim so I usually offer two of my favorites & they’ve picked a favorite of mine in Mexico, Maroma Resort, done! I complete that in less than fifteen minutes and back to my to-do list. I really need to start looking at our website re-do but it will have to wait. We have a river cruise event later this month & the mailings need to go out, that’s the priority while waiting on hold with Classic Vacations.
12:30PM: Honeymoons are taking over my life at work and I LOVE it! France, Hawaii, Grenada, Greece, Mexico & Jamaica have me hopping back and forth researching the best value for my clients. In between these, I keep Facebook open to see what’s happening in the world & schedule our business page posts as I see things that might interest our “fans”. Facebook allowing business page scheduling saves me so much time in the long run!

Hard Work = Success.

3:00PM: Shoot, I look up and it’s 3 PM already! I’ve met with a client, spoken on the phone with two others & continued to reply & send e-mails. I’d say over 60% of my day is e-mail! It’s a love/hate relationship. A request for a D-Day tour over the anniversary sends me into overdrive as I know lodging is going to be nearly impossible to come by even five months in advance.
Lunch is eaten at my desk between 1-3PM most of the time, especially now that I’m only in the office three days a week, every minute counts. 

Birthday flowers & a background screen that keeps me calm!

4:30PM: Once the last hour & a half hits its pull it all together time. Emails with proposals must go out before I leave for the day, any leftover phone calls need to be made, payments put through so I can start invoicing my clients. 

5:00PM: Yay, we made it to “quiet hour”! We shut half the office lights off & all of us focus on whatever needs done to wrap up the day. The girls started quiet hour when I was on maternity leave & I love it! It tends to be a quieter time of day for us anyways so its perfect to have low lighting, just the music & your dream trips in front of me.
6:00PM: Gone are the days I could stay for hours…rushing out the door to see my girl πŸ™‚
I can’t complete this post without a mention of those wonderful bloggers turned clients; Jen was the first from Peanut Butter Runner (she just signed her first book deal!), Gina of The Fitnessista who now has a DVD out & a book on the way! And Ashley of CoffeeCakeandCardio who’s blog posts have been featured on my agency’s Facebook page since they just returned from a cruise! 

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