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As a new mom that plans to do as much traveling as budget and time will allow, I’ve been reading every family travel blog I can find! 
Our little girl has been on 8 planes before she was even born!

I wanted to share the list with my readers who may also be thankful for this information.


A way I’ve had success searching what I wanted on our dear friend, Google, is “Paris, family travel blog” versus “Taking a baby to Paris”. 
Pinterest is also an excellent source for tips and tricks for a variety of ages! 
Here’s a link to my own quick Pinterest search: Pinterest Family Travel Search Query

In no particular order…

–  Kids On a Plane

–  Travel Mamas – I sent Colleen a message & she responded via email along with Facebook within 24 hours, I always love responsive bloggers!

– Ciao Bambino

Delicious Baby – great for product reviews!

– Travel Savvy Mom

– MiniTime <This one in particular I would feel bad for not sharing! What a neat concept! Plug your children’s ages in, destination you’re wanting to & they share a time line of the important sightseeing amoung other items.>

Please know with any and all review sites, you have to take into a lot of consideration that we don’t know the person writing personally (in most cases) so their views and opinions may differ than yours (including my own!). With that statement, it’s why it’s SO important to build a relationship with your travel adviser. The more we know, the better we know you, the better your vacation!
(Ex: Turkey was one of my favorite places on Earth, but you may not feel that way.)

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