From the Desk of Heather Christopher: July Updates

What an amazing quarter – I felt every ounce of the 450 nights you all traveled ;)The best part of having you all traveling (besides your timeless memories) is the fact that we get to donate $450 to those in need!!! $100 has gone to Together Rising and the remaining amount will go to Bill from Congo, the child we’re sponsoring through World Vision USA. He shares my dad’s name and my oldest daughter’s birthday! I would love to introduce you to Bill:


As a reminder, we donate $1 per night traveled each quarter to a charitable organization. I’d love to add your charity to my list, just let me know.



Are you following our hashtag #hctclients for trip inspiration? Take a look at what you’ll see:     

    Leanne Davisson in Munich                Leanne & Matthew Davisson in Split

              California or Ireland? The Lehrke’s cruised the Cali Coast between San Francisco & Monterey 


Kate of North & Leisure is helping you see Ireland and Atlantic Canada by the road less traveled. She has a lot of local connections that don’t have a set tour in place, but things can be arranged based on what you would like to do and see. Meet with farmers, explore with guided walks, enjoy hosted experiences, embark on sailing tours, go foraging, learn the basics of bread making, experience fishing with a local and so many more. The key here is to let me know what things you are interested in and give adequate time. Both time to arrange it (farmers are busy on the farm, and not checking emails or messages all day) and even more importantly, enough time on the trip to allow for this time of experience!  Pictured below: Muckross Hotel and Inch Strand.    

What’s Trending in the World of Travel Right Now

  • Looking for a gift for your traveler friend? Or maybe something for yourself to document your travels? Check out the Road Trip Passport! It has 20 entry logs to record meaningful details of your travels. Each entry page also has a blank page for notes, memories, or mementos.  Let’s get it filled up 😉
  • Travel Protection for Hurricane SeasonTravel Protection for Hurricane Season

As always, let me know how I can help you plan your next trip!

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