From the Desk of Heather Christopher: May Updates

We’ve made it to mid-May 🍾! This month’s update is coming to you in video form. You can check it out below:


Sick of video? Here are some quick overall notes from what I went over above:

  1. My hours: not a huge change from before but my hours are 100% appointment only now because #threekids. 
  2. Bucket list planning is going to need to be done further in advance with accommodations having lower occupancy levels + stricter occupancy levels at popular historical sights!  This will shake out more in the coming months.
  3. I still believe Caribbean will open up this summer/Hawaii 50/50 shot for late summer/early fall and other destinations I’m at 40-45% chance after August 😉 We’ll have a better idea again in a few weeks. 
  4. Going forward, what to expect from HCTC in terms of buying travel: Cancel for any reason insurance, more terms + conditions, along with box checking and a signature that you read. 
  5. Covid-19 details on the destination you’re headed in your final itinerary documents so you as best prepared as possible. 

Thank you for your continued support – I am so grateful for you. Let me know if there are any additional questions I can answer and, when you’re ready, how I can help you plan your next, much-deserved trip!



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I want to take this time to get a better idea of what you’re looking for moving forward, what you’re going to be comfortable with, and just learn a little more about you! We’re going to give everyone a $50 credit on their next vacation for filling us in by following the link below:


Heather Christopher Travel Consulting Travel Advisor and Hawaii Expert Trip Feature to Hawaii Blog Highlight


Interested in visiting a National Park this summer? HCTC team member, Leah, is the expert to assist with planning! You can learn more about Leah, her specialty destinations, & how to get started planning here.


Heather Christopher Travel Consulting Travel Advisor and Hawaii Expert

What’s Trending in the World of Travel Right Now

  • In need of a getaway with your loved ones? Me too! These options have flexible cancellation policies while still practicing social distancing. 
  • This article by Travel Age West highlights 16 travel advisors and why they love what they do. You will get a glimpse from yours truly, too 😉 
  • I’m a huge fan of AFAR magazine and their daily email…also hand cream obsessed, so this one spoke to me. My go-to is the Body Shop’s hemp hand cream, it’s the only thing that cures my dry winter hands. But I’d be up for trying any of these – any faves that you buy the travel size to take with you? (hotel hand cream isn’t going to cut it unless you’re the Edition hotels lotion…
  • In case you’re anything like myself and you’ve been “tasting” the world via wine these days – you will definitely want to try a few of these options. If your preference is clean-crafted wine, Scout + Cellar is your go-to. And yes, that’s my name as a consultant because I had to support my habit of not wanting to drink my calories & these wines have a few less! 


Heather Christopher Travel Consulting Travel Advisor and Hawaii Expert
Nothing gets our blood pumping like a new countdown! Here’s what where we’ve been busy planning trips to…


We’ve gotten so many great referrals from everyone this year that we wanted to say thank you – every quarter we’ll be giving away a $150 gift card to the airline of your choice. You can always direct your loved ones to the website and there’s a spot for your name right in the Plan Your Trip form!


Heather Christopher Travel Consulting Travel Advisor and Hawaii Expert

Curious of why, now more than everyou should use a travel professional to book your travel? Travel Market Report and Forbes break it down for you. And I fully agree with what they are saying 😉

Heather Christopher Travel Consulting Travel Advisor and Hawaii Expert

Heather Christopher Travel Consulting Travel Advisor and Hawaii Expert

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