From the Desk of Heather Christopher: October 2020 Updates

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I have received the best news in months! HAWAII IS READY FOR US 🍾 ! You will need to show a negative COVID test within 72 hours upon arrival to be exempt from 14-day quarantine upon arriving. You can check out more information and what’s required to travel to my favorite place in this Hawaii Tourism article.

In other travel news, I am sharing four articles to help continue to inform you and guide you in travel planning (or you can always just call us 🙂 

  • AFAR recently released, “A Germaphobes Essential Travel Tips” article. You can consider this your all-in-one guide to staying healthy when traveling during a pandemic.
  • Interested to learn five ways to travel more responsibility? AFAR is highlighting them here.
  • Where can Americans travel right now? You can find a guide by AFAR here. The CDC is also sharing travel recommendations in this article
  • State by state restrictions: You can read more about which states require what in this CNN article.

How are you feeling about traveling? Whether that’s for a weekend getaway, a Hawaiian getaway, or a 2021 trip abroad, please reach out if the HCTC team can assist in any way! 


HCTC Blog Highlight

Travel schooling is one of the latest travel trends thanks to COVID. Meg, HCTC team member, wrote a blog post highlighting the details along with how you can do it, too. You can read the full blog post here: The Essential Guide to Travel Schooling: Educating Your Kids While Seeing the World.

Heather Christopher Travel Consulting Travel Advisor and Hawaii Expert

Last month, Teri of A Food Stays Fit, and her husband Tommy spent two days at Primland Resort in Meadows of Dan, Virginia to celebrate their babymoon. She is sharing a recap and taking you through what they experienced in this blog post

Heather Christopher Travel Consulting Travel Advisor and Hawaii Expert

What’s Trending in the COVID World of Travel Right Now

  • There’s a new way to search for flights! Use the Flysafe Google Chrome extension to compare flight safety, health, and flexibility. It allows you to search by comparing health/safety precautions, ticket flexibility, and disruption risks directly on the search results list. 
  • Rapid-result COVID-19 testing options are being added to a growing number of US airports to help domestic and international travel. You can learn more about this and see the airports they are located in this AFAR article.

Heather Christopher Travel Consulting Travel Advisor and Hawaii Expert

The next few months, properties featured here will be categorized by Tablet as “unusual”. By that, it’s the highest form of praise meaning that there are no other hotels like it. 

Gold Diggers

Located in Los Angeles, California, its name might not be its most unusual feature. The original Gold Diggers was a bikini bar, above which was a small residential hotel, and behind it was a rehearsal space where all manner of L.A. rock royalty is rumored to have practiced. Today, not only is it a richly textured and eclectic boutique hotel, one perfectly in tune with the tastes of the Los Angeles creative class, but it’s also a recording studio and a cocktail bar complete with a stage for live performances. You can learn more here.

The Caves

Located in Negril, Jamaica, The Caves is a collection of twelve private cottages atop a cliff, overlooking the ocean, with plenty of jumping-off points to impress one’s companion and other guests. The sea looks better from higher up, and at The Caves it becomes your own private pool. Below, in the cliffside, are natural volcanic caves and grottos which can be explored whilst swimming, or set up for private candlelight dinners. The cottages themselves are after the style of a tropical hut, with thatched roofs and construction of wood and stone. You can learn more here.

Sundance Resort

Located in Provo, Utah, Robert Redford’s Sundance Resort is hardly a typical ski resort. Here, at the foot of Mount Timpanogos, conservation is paramount, and you’ll find the development has been as sensitive as possible. It’s part eco-lodge, part artists’ community, which is not just ethically correct but also quite aesthetically satisfying; the lofts and suites are understated, with a certain hand-crafted quality, and the freestanding cottages are immersed in the landscape, surrounded by picture-perfect Rocky Mountain pine forest. You can learn more here.


Located in Lake Titicaca, Peru, the magnificent Lake Titicaca, considered by Incas to be the sacred birthplace of human civilization, is one of the largest, deepest, and highest bodies of water on the globe. Backpackers have long made the pilgrimage to the water’s edge; this, by contrast, is a high-end luxury boutique hotel that’s set to bring a whole new audience to these shores. The simple structure, standing solitary on the grassy edge of the lake, is a forward-looking and eco-friendly hotel, with 18 plush suites decorated in earthy hues. You can learn more here.

Heather Christopher Travel Consulting Travel Advisor and Hawaii Expert

Traveling in the near future? This infographic from TSA provides great tips on face coverings, social distancing, staying clean, and reducing physical contact.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection has officially reopened enrollment centers for its Trusted Traveler Programs. Applicants for the Global Entry program who have received conditional beginning September 8th can complete in-person interviews at most enrollment centers, but must schedule interviews in advance through the Trusted Traveler Program website. For more details, you can read this Travel Weekly article. You can also learn more about the Trusted Traveler Programs below:

Heather Christopher Travel Consulting Travel Advisor and Hawaii Expert
Heather Christopher Travel Consulting Travel Advisor and Hawaii Expert

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