From the Desk of Heather Christopher: September Updates

Do you suddenly wanting to renew your vows or get married in Ireland?! ME TOO! Thank you so much to Mr. and Mrs. Gerhard for sharing their gorgeous day with us – you must see more of their photos and hear the “why” behind Ireland here.
I got to spend a few days in Aspen, Colorado earlier this month, which was a total treat – if I had to describe Colorado in one word, it would be majestic. Absolutely breathtaking scenery and quaint towns and I see why people flock to that state!  If you’re curious why I was there, here’s the press release– it was an honor to be invited and invigorating to be around like-minded travel professionals!


I will be out of the office and headed to the Amalfi Coast from Thursday, October 18th to Friday, October 26th! I can’t wait to share all the places I find to send you next 😉


  • Looking for inspiration for your next family trip? Four Seasons Magazine is sharing 3 Kid-Friendly Getaways that may be all the inspiration you need! You can find more information here. Remember how obsessed I was taking our little girls to Oahu last year? (p.s. kids under 5 eat free at the Four Seasons AND they bring you towels & sippy cups of water to your pool chairs)
  • Calling all National Park Enthusiasts! Check out this fun list by AFAR of ways to represent the National Parks when you can’t physically be there. I personally love the vintage posters, wouldn’t they be cute in a nursery or man cave?
  • When the media talks about Mexico, I’ll get a flood of questions on safety about the main tourist areas. If we haven’t gone through that routine with each other, one of my first things to point out is that safety is all in perspective. And that it’s usually a fear of the unknown/unfamiliar that causes us to be fearful. I personally can’t not travel due to fear of most places, but I also can’t make you comfortable when you’re not. I thought you may enjoy this article though talking about a newish website that ranks safety and gives hard facts here.
  • Are you already thinking of Christmas gifts? Maybe prepping yourself for upcoming travels as the holiday season approaches? Forbes is sharing the 5 Best Travel Headphones here. *Hint to my own husband, I’d like some air pods please!
Also, a BIG thank you for all the HCTC travelers this quarter! Our Q3 donation was $100 to a local classrooms wish list and $100 to the Exotic East Coast Animal Rescue!
As always, let me know how I can help you plan your next trip!

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