Honeymoon Planning Series – #2 Destination

On to step number two!  Narrowing down the destination!
Some couples instantly know where they want to honeymoon …perfect, skip this!

Others know something more general like “We prefer a relaxing beach vacation!” or “We really wanna explore Italy!” oorrr “We must snorkel the Great Barrier Reef!”, you get the idea. It’s okay if you do or do not.

My goal for this part of the series is to describe ideal time of year for destinations throughout the world. Along with some highlights in those areas – I’ll use “keywords” that may be things you’ve been thinking for your honeymoon.


Ideal time to travel: April to June and September – Mid December
The Hawaiian Islands remain warm year round and it will rain everyday somewhere between the islands – rainy season is considered November – March but I wouldn’t let that stop me!

Highlights: sunrises & sunsets, black sand beaches, fifty shades of blue water, fresh pineapple, amazing sushi, mai tais! Fresh flower leis, breathtaking volcanoes, hiking, private waterfalls, convertible driving, gracious people, shave ice, still in the US!
Kona just made USA Today’s ten destinations that always have great weather!

Ideal time to travel: November thru end of April for weather because May thru November 1 is hurricane season; price wise September and October are your best bets! Hurricane season is why travel insurance is SO important.

Highlights: perfect sunsets, powdery sand beaches that you can see your toes forever, warm friendly service, Mayan ruins, snorkeling in censored, GUACAMOLE! Margaritas on the rocks (no salt please!),


Caribbean: Same as above; with the exception of the “ABC” islands: Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao. They are considered far enough south that they are out of the hurricane belt.
Highlights: Turquoise water forever, seeing your toes when your waist deep, sunshine & rum punch, white powder sand, private villa, private pool, daytime cocktailing, snorkeling, scuba diving!, gorgeous rooms with a view, fresh seafood, fresh fruits, a happier lifestyle!

South America: Keep in mind you’re now below the Equator so the seasons are reversed. 
I found this fabulous table via gosouthamerica.com

Country When to Go
Argentina Buenos Aires – any time
Iguazu Falls – winter or spring
Patagonia – summer
Andes for skiing – winter
High season is January and February
Bolivia Avoid the rainy season in the lowlands between November to March
Altiplano – winter
Lowlands and rain forest – April to October
Brazil Cities – any time
Carnaval in February
Amazon – avoid rainy season between November to May
High season is November to April
Chile Northern Chile – any time, November is best
Middle Chile – September to February
Southern Chile – December to March
Easter Island and Juan Fernandez – March
High season is January – February and July and August for skiing
Colombia Dry season in December – March in the mountains;

December to April and July to September on the coast
High season is December to February

Ecuador Rainy season is December to May Galapagos – January to April is hot and humid; tour boats docked in September and October Coast – avoid rainy season Quito and highlands – any time of year Amazon – avoid rainy season
High season is December to February
Falkland Islands October to March
French Guiana Rainy season is January to June, heaviest rain in May
Travel between July to December
High season is February Carnival
Guyana Best time is mid-October to mid-May, after rainy seasons ending in late January and late August
Travel in the interior is best in dry season
Paraguay Rainy season in December to April with frequent flooding in the southeast
very hot between October and March
Dry season travel (June to August) is easier.
Peru Lima – avoid foggy time in June – December
Coastal desert – any time of year
Andes – avoid rainy periods between October – April
Rainforest – hot and humid all year; avoid January – April
High season is May to September
Suriname Rainy season is April to July, December and January
Best times are mid-August to early December
Uruguay Best time to visit is mid-October to late March; be prepared for heat and humidity
High season is January and February
Venezuela Dry season is December to April; but May to October is still nice and prices are lower
High season is Christmas, February Carnival and Easter

Highlights: Oh my goodness – WINE, iconic & historical sights, active adventures, shopping, beef, beautiful animals, eclectic mix of cultures, amazing luxury hotels!


Central America:

Rainy season runs April through December.
Highlights: Volcanoes, active adventures – think ziplining, hiking, white water rafting, inexpensive food – in Costa Rica you can eat for less than $10USD for two people at the little food shacks. Gracious locals, COFFEE!
Such a broad area but year round for the France, Italy, Greece region & Western Europe I suggest May thru October depending on your weather preferences along with the U.K.!
Highlights: ancient history, handmade leather shoes, UNESCO World Heritage sights, beer, wine, espresso, unique hotels, amazing dining, open markets! 

Tahiti & her islands: The ideal months. are May, June and then September & October. And if your schedule allows taking a look at when the full moon will occur would be realllyyy worthwhile. Seeing the light play on the water is just priceless!
Highlights: Ohh those over water bungalows, watching the fish as you get ready for dinner, hiking to the top of the island & seeing water for miles. Recharging your “batteries”.

Highlights: I’m not sure how much detail I really need to go into here. ANIMALS. Glamping. Sweet warm down to Earth people. Amazing food. Victoria Falls. Capetown. 

Australia/New Zealand:

Another destination with opposite seasons than the US.  This is another region that varies depending on exactly where you’re going but the general “rule of thumb” is going during their spring or fall. So March/April then September/October.
Christchurch,NZ was also on USA Today’s top 10 best year round climate list!
Highlights: There are sooo many things to do & see we could talk for HOURS, if not days. The Great Ocean Road,  the Twelve Apostles, Franz Josef Glacier, the penguins, the Great Barrier Reef, Sydney Bridge, Sydney Opera House, flat whites, kangaroos!, wine region in New Zealand, Kiwis.
Ideal months are November thru April then monsoon season starts! 
Highlights: In my mind, no no I haven’t been there, but this is a magical place on our precious Earth. Endless water. Luxury resorts that make hanging out in your room completely ideal. The water is unreal. I hope heaven has a bit of this.
P.S. I’m not a meteorologist/scientist nor God – we all know how crazy the weather is, correct?  If I could predict weather, I wouldn’t be writing a blog now would I πŸ™‚

Let me know how I can help your honeymoon or vacation, 

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