Honeymoon Planning Series #3 – Narrowing Your Decision Down

What I run into a lot when helping honeymooners (or anniversary or just general vacation planners) is that once we’ve discussed budget, destination, and it’s time to pick the hotel(s), touring, transportation arrangements, etc suddenly it’s like we’re back at square one. OVERWHELMED.
Sometimes this is where I take a step back, depending on the couple I’m working with, and say “okay guys, my goal is to be opposite of the confusing internet!”  Many couples are asking their friends and getting all kinds of input on exactly which hotel they should stay in, even though I’ve already shown them my list of two or three trusted hotels, they want me to price these other properties mentioned. Don’t be surprised when I say NO. It defeats the purpose. Money is not behind my decision on what I show you, I wouldn’t get very far in this industry if it was.  Off my soapbox and continuing my thought prior to that. If we keep adding more and more to your list, doesn’t that make it even more confusing? YES. I promise it does. So how do we avoid that and narrow down the list to and get your on your way to the countdown?
Here’s my method:
A) Back to the list of priorities; What is that ocean front room? Was it walking distance to cafes? Budget? It’s just a simple reminder of why I gave you the options I did.
B) So you adore both of the boutique hotels in Barcelona that I gave you, how in the heck do we choose because they are both exactly what we want! Easy! Let me pick then, I usually have one I love slightly more than another.  I also encourage my clients to peek at a hotel or resort’s Instagram page! Can I throw out another mention here of why a travel consultant is so important…TripAdvisor does not know you.
Now we’ve gotten all the places you’re staying squared away and it’s time to move to the fun stuff – tours & daily activities. This item is not always on our list because you’re planning a tropical, relaxation honeymoon and if you choose to do anything, you’ll decide there. I usually try and suggest one or two things that are a “must” if you want to leave the resort. I do feel it makes you have a more well-rounded experience when you’re stepping off the property especially when staying at an all-inclusive. At the same time, by all means, if you don’t want to leave, DON’T!
C) Do not overbook yourselves. I suggest no more than half day touring if you’re going to be touring two + days in a row. OR if it’s something that requires an entire day, like wine tasting through Tuscany, then make sure the following day is left free. This is all suggestions, maybe you and your significant other prefer the go,go,go see as much as you can style – fine!
If you’ve never traveled together as a couple, think about the way you prefer to travel in general – do you like being busy, do you love just sitting with a drink and people watching? Is shopping your favorite activity in a new place?  Are you a history buff? Making a list of these things isn’t a bad idea – sure would help your travel advisor 😉


From here you’ve now got the perfected itinerary sent back over to you by me…the countdown begins – MY FAVORITE PART! The anticipation is what keeps us excited!!
Ready to begin, click here!


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