How to Plan Travel in the “C” Times

How to plan for future travel – NOW – in the midst of pandemic!

You’re feeling caged in, locked up, stir crazy – all of the above? I’m 110% right there beside you 😉

Planning travel was always overwhelming, but now, just the question “can I go?” makes it hard enough.

We’re here to help plan and book when you’re ready, but if you’re wondering how to move forward right now, let’s walk through those steps:



1. Know your comfort level? What is your comfort level with the following:

  • Wearing masks in a new destination
  • Getting a vaccine, if required
  • Getting a Covid test and within 48 or 72 hours prior to arrival
  • Getting tested more than once
  • Quarantining when back – keeping in mind how your employer will feel and/or any additional childcare you may need


2. Are you okay changing your plans a few times?  Is it as miserable as it sounds to do so? We’d like to think it’s not quite as bad as it could be, if you had to go at it alone. We’re so fortunate to work with wonderful partners around the globe that we’ve all been working pretty seamlessly together to reschedule trips three and four times, if needed. Emotionally though, it’s tough – you need to know how that would make you feel so you can mentally prepare! So much of vacation is in the anticipation and lead up, this throws off our entire normal routine of being excited for an upcoming getaway so preparing yourself for the possibility of change and knowing you’ll eventually get there will help keep your mind on track! Although, we would never judge you for drowning your sorrows in your vice of choice if we do have to reschedule…we’ll also be counting down to your departure date right along with you!



3. If your comfort level is in check and you’re ready for the next step – the question is: when can you travel? In the next thirty days or in six months? This will help determine where you can go based on current restrictions and information available. We can only worry so much about the future and believe in planning for the best and preparing for the worst; we’re being vigilant in understanding cancellation policies and/or travel insurance options.



4. What type of experience are you after? If you prefer the feel of a city and can’t stand the idea of hanging out in the mountains or by the water, then we also have to consider when you’re traveling. As we’re sure we don’t have to mention to you, we’re gonna have to plan that a bit more long term 😉  Covid times are requiring us to get close to nature – whether by palm trees or pine! There are so.many.beautiful.options these days! Only limited by the length of time you’re willing to be in a car, on a plane and, of course, your wallet.




When can I plan to travel?
Generally speaking, I’d say ’21.  We can get more specific once we’re speaking about a particular destination/region. Domestically, I’m mainly planning for October + beyond and internationally, I’m suggesting we plan March ‘21 and beyond.



I just want you to consult/advise on my trip, but not plan it, is that an option?
It is now! We’re happy to consult over a trip you’re considering or you’re planning but don’t want professional assistance on the actual planning part. We’ve done this in instances where folks just want to know what we know, what we would do or not do and any suggestions we can help with. We charge $75/hour with a 30 minute minimum.


I’m ready, Heather – tell me what to do next! 
Awesome, we cannot wait to get your countdown started! We ask all potential clients to answer our questionaire – click here to begin!



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