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Imagine a Vacation Filled With Only Happy Surprises

Think: A complimentary bottle of champagne waiting for you in your room … not cobwebs lurking in the corners.

Think: Getting more out of your vacation than you expected … not (way) less.

As an expert travel consultant, I bring my clients only the GOOD kind of surprises.

What my clients find most surprising, though?

That working with me makes such a difference in how much they enjoy their vacations. I’m proud to report that many clients have declared that after working with me, they’ll never book another vacation on their own again.

Here’s what you need to know about me:

  • After working under a wonderful travel mentor for 10 years, I started Heather Christopher Travel in 2016. I’m thrilled to be able to build a business on my own terms and choose exactly who I want to work with (which I have a hunch is you!).
  • I don’t specialize in everything travel-related — I’ll only send clients to properties and destinations I’ve done extensive research on or have visited in person. I do this to ensure your vacation is properly vetted. If your vacation needs fall outside my areas of expertise, I’ll be happy to refer you to a fellow travel advisor who can take good care of you.
  • I believe one of my main roles is to advocate for my clients. I will not work with a company that doesn’t have your best interests at heart. The bottom line is, if we can’t come to an agreeable solution for my clients, that company is off my preferred list of vendors. I want to give you the best, so I only work with the best!
  • I’m happy to report that not only do my clients think I’m doing a bang-up job, so do my peers in the travel industry. I made Travel Agent Magazine’s 2008 list of the Top 30 Under 30, I’ve been selected as one of the top 150 advisors by Global Travel Marketplace, and I was named a Luxury Travel Advisor 2017 Trendsetter.

And here’s what you don’t really need to know about me — but I’m going to tell you anyway 😉

My five fun facts:

  1. I would move my family to Australia or New Zealand without thinking twice.
  2. I married my former Marine husband at the ripe old age of 19.
  3. Our oldest daughter received her first passport stamp in France at six months old.
  4. Coffee is life.
  5. My very favorite place to travel to is the Hawaiian islands. They never, ever get old.

Got an inkling that you and I will be a good travel fit? Let’s find out for sure, so I can start planning your dream vacation — just fill out my short Trip Design Form and then I’ll be in touch about our complimentary consultation call!

meet heather

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