My Travel Must-Haves

I love reading lists of items that other travelers feel are necessity when traveling! Please feel free to share your must-haves in the comments.

First time I got everything in a carry-on, September 2012
 My list:
  • Travel-sized power strips; If you plan on charging multiple phones, a camera, laptop, e-reader, tablet, whatever …these come in handy when your hotel room or ship cabin has a limited number of outlets or especially when you’re only bringing one converter.

          Monster MP OTG400 BK Outlets To Go 4 Outlet Travel Power Strip (Black)

  • Compact flat iron; I recently purchased this & am very impressed with the power of this little thing! Thumbs up from me! Flat irons & curling irons are easily one of the most common things to blow out your converter

           T3 SinglePass Compact Iron

  • Water bottle; I’m an H20 fanatic and will pay whatever the hotel is charging for the bottled water in my room but I hate when it runs out, so I always bring my own reusable bottle so that I don’t endure $5 water multiple times a day! The one below has a filter built in – up to 100 refills!

          Rubbermaid 20-Ounce Filtration Personal Bottle, Black

  • Universal adapter for when traveling abroad; You can purchase them for less than $15 at Target & gone are the days of having to carry several pieces for one converter. The newer ones you can buy already have a USB port.

          GGI Universal World-Wide Travel Adapter with USB port

  • Toiletry bag packed with travel-sized favorites; I keep my toiletry bag packed at all times so I never have to worry about not having my necessities. Philosophy makes a great travel sized set that would be the perfect gift!
         I’ve heard nothing but positive reviews on these no leak travel bottles! I haven’t personally purchased them yet.
  • Last but not least, a cute luggage tag; This is obviously not necessarily a necessity for some, but since those oh-so-reliable airlines will only provide small paper tags to fill out I highly suggest purchasing one that makes you & your fellow travelers smile!

          Etsy:Luggage Tag

So tell me, what do you take when you travel the globe?

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