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Borton Overseas is a company I came across over five years ago when searching for a tour operator who could handle a family’s request for an in depth itinerary driving around Iceland in 10 days! Borton Overseas went above and beyond, securing them a spot on my A list! I have had the pleasure of working with a few people on their team, but today I’m introducing you to Betina, my itinerary building partner for Scandanavia!

The ICEHOTEL in Sweden
The ICEHOTEL in Sweden


I have worked 20 years in the travel industry, 11 of those years with Borton Overseas. I am half-Danish, speak the language and have lived in Denmark twice. Over the years I have had the opportunity to travel quite a bit, though mainly within the Nordic region.


Company focus:

Borton Overseas is a tour operator specializing in Scandinavia/Nordic region, Africa (East & Southern), Southeast Asia, China, India, select countries in South America and Antarctica. We have a variety of tour packages available, and can also customize a package to clients’ budget, schedule, and appetite for adventure. We are located in Minneapolis MN, but we serve  agents from all over the USA and Canada.

Faroe Islands
Faroe Islands

 Most unique itinerary booked:

With our ability to customize itineraries, we generally try add some type of special experience to each one. But planning trips to less traveled to Nordic destinations such as Tallinn in Estonia (picturesque Old Town), Greenland (truly stunning nature), and the Faroe Islands (rolling green hills and cliffs) is also a good way to give our clients a truly unique Nordic experience.

{A note from Heather: They created a very detailed ten day driving itinerary, the one I mention at the beginning. They are exactly what I aim for when it comes to custom work – something that cannot be replicated anywhere else  or found anywhere else! After all, that’s one of the reasons you’re working with a travel professional!}

Solstrand Hotel
Solstrand Hotel

Favorite Hotel

Well, for Scandinavia, I would have to say that Solstrand Hotel in Norway (in town of Os, a little south of Bergen) is way up there. It is a beautiful setting, historic hotel, with friendly staff and nice rooms – cozy property. Excellent spa and grounds. Good food. And we can book it for clients!  It helps to have a car to go there, but one can also get there by boat from Bergen.

Betina in Bornholm, Denmark
Betina in Bornholm, Denmark

Personal favorite place:

In Scandinavia, it would be the island of Bornholm, which is a part of Denmark – a bit of a secret gem.  In the rest of the world, Hawaii would be my favorite place. {You know I love this answer, right?!}

Essential carry on items:

Eye drops and reading material.

If Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Denmark, Finland, Faroe Island or Greenland are on your list, then let’s chat!

Thought dog sledding was just in Alaska? You can experience it in Iceland, too!
Dogsledding is popular in most of Scandanvia.

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