Partner Spotlight: Jenna Daykin of in the details, darling

I’m thrilled to be writing this post – it’s been a few months in the making.

If you follow me on Instagram (this is where you see a lot more behind-the-scenes including mom life), then you’ll have heard me mention an “assistant”, but I was keeping her identity hidden as she launched her business, because #branding! 🙂

So without further ado, let me introduce you to the woman who keeps this train moving forward – Jenna Daykin, owner of in the details, darling. So what in the heck do I need a virtual assistant for? Well let me share with you!

  • Concierge services; dinner reservations, spa appointments, seat assignments, finding out who’s playing at the nearby theatre, I’m forgetting a multitude of things here!
  • Travel document prep; ensuring all the information is accurate, that all the necessary vouchers are uploaded to your app, updating our restaurant list, updating baggage policies for the airlines you’re flying.
  • Building proposals; Jenna and I have quite the little system worked out – I send her the information I need put in an itinerary proposal & she does the input so I can go back & add my comments <– this alone has saved me more time than I could have ever imagined! Let’s be truthful, I used to have a due date and come in just before midnight on that day – I’m now averaging a day ahead of my due date #allthepraisehands.
  • Monthly newsletter; We work together to come up with that month’s inclusions/topics and she puts the entire campaign together. My monthly newsletter has come a long way from two years ago when I first started one and was the one putting it together – oof.
  • Monitoring e-mail; if I’m traveling and really don’t want to be on my phone, she steps up to the plate to keep my inbox clean and let me know if there are any fires that need putting out 😉 because as any other entrepreneur knows, sometimes it’s only you that can fix things.
  • Invoicing. Instead of taking a month to input all the confirmations and payments, it happens within a week, if not less, because of Jenna!
  • KEEPS ME SANE! I look back at how I worked a year ago to now – while there’s still plenty of room for improvement and streamlined processes, little HCTC has come along way and I’m the proud President of the club: “admit that you can’t do it all and outsource anything you dislike doing” <3

To help you get to know Jenna, I thought I’d share a few fun facts and her unique background at the ripe old age of 27!

     Five Facts About Jenna D:

  1.  She was engaged in Paris and had a surprise honeymoon to Spain & Portugal.
  2. After she graduated with her undergrad degree in advertising & marketing, she went to culinary school with a focus on baking & pastry.
  3. She’s a 4-year DII college basketball player who went on to coach at her alma mater.
  4. There’s an award at her university named after her called, “The Anastos Attitude”. It’s awarded annually to a women’s basketball player who has an exceptional attitude, especially during adversity.
  5. She and her (handsome) husband Jack have been together for over a decade & after getting married last September, adopted two puppy brothers, Finn & Leo – they are less than 10 pounds combined and so cute.

 You inspire me every day, Jenna! Thank you for believing in HCTC and always leaving it better than you found it!

Feel free to follow on Instagram or drop her a line at

Photos by Julia Fay Photography

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