Partner Spotlight: Jeremy with G Adventures! *Iceland 2018 Announcement*

What G is all about?  
G is the world’s largest small group soft adventure travel company that has been offering a wide range of unique, off the beaten path, travel experiences for the past 26 years. Those who don’t know us would call us a tour company, but we view ourselves as a social enterprise in the business of changing lives through travel. 
We are reinventing the way people view and think about travel. Imagine if you could change the world simply by going on a vacation. It’s a crazy concept, but we believe that travel can be the greatest form of wealth distribution the world has ever seen.  Tourism is the number one source of revenue in some of the poorest countries. Our goal is let people know you can still have the time of your life while traveling, but still do good in the process to create what we brand as “A World of Good”. This is done through responsible tourism and sustainable travel practices.   

Our unique travel experiences are led by locals from the region called CEOs (chief experiences officers). Having these CEOs allows travelers to get more of an immersive experience and gain local insight.  Who knows a place better than someone who lives there? G even has a non-profit called Planeterra, which incorporates sustainable solutions to communities in need by using tourism as the driver. Recently, we announced a big, bold initiative called the “50 in 5,” which is our call to action to create 50 more sustainable projects in the next five years. The “ 50in5”  will grow our global project total to 75, connecting  over 90 percent of our travelers to these initiatives. We realize how important this is to the communities. Sending travelers to these destinations, empowers the community and creates livelihoods.
Travel can be a powerful force for good. Other companies such as  the National Geographic Society agree with us on this. That is why they have decided to join our movement and we are their tour operator for a new accessible travel line called National Geographic Journeys with G Adventures.    More recently, we announced a partnership with Jane Goodall, where she has endorsed our animal welfare policy. Together we created a collection of trips known as the “Jane Goodall Collection”.  These trips support her foundation and brings travelers closer to animals while respecting their freedom.

Your background?  
I am a military brat who has had the opportunity to live abroad. Most of my life was spent living in Germany, and I graduated high school from Heidelberg. If there was any place to call home, it would be that magical city.  I loved it so much that I proposed to my wife on the Alter Bridge overlooking the castle. (Fun fact: I had my high school proms in that castle.) I moved to Pennsylvania for school and graduated from Shippensburg University. (Ship is it!!!) Before working for G, I had many different sales jobs. I wasn’t enjoying the post graduate life and wanted to get back doing what I was passionate about—travel and exploration. An opportunity came for me to be a travel agent and that is where my start in the travel industry began. How did G fall into the picture? I was a travel agent for a few years and had a G Adventures rep named Lucas do a training for my office. That presentation inspired me, and I instantly knew this was the company I wanted to continue my career with. Later that night I checked their website and a position was posted. I applied and the rest is history. It has been an incredible ride so far. I never thought I would have a job where I would get to visit five continents in a one year span. My knowledge of destinations continues to grow and I am looking forward to many more years here. I have a great sales team that I call family, and we are strange pack of weirdos!  

Your favorite destination?  

This is always a difficult question to answer. There are many unique things I like about a certain destination, and sometimes the people you are with can have an impact too. I would have to say Egypt has been my favorite destination. It was always a childhood dream to see the pyramids, and it was the first actual vacation I got to spend with my wife. More recently, I would say Jordan is tied for the top spot. Petra was breathtaking, and I experienced much more than I expected to while I was there. If I were to choose a region, I would say North Africa and the Middle East will probably always fascinate me.

Three Essential Carry-On Items?

iPhone (for photos, music playlists, and google maps in case you get lost), Ibuprofen, and disinfectant wipes.

Favorite thing G has pulled off for a client?
Favorite thing…hmmmmmm…We had an agent book clients on a trip to Vietnam. The clients were bringing their adopted daughter.  The reason for the trip was to take her to where she was born.  The clients knew the name of the town, but it wasn’t part of the itinerary.  We notified our team and they were able to take a few hours for them to visit the town. The clients were extremely grateful and it was a special moment for their daughter.  
What makes you proud to work for G? 
I see the change travel does to the communities we work with. Recently, I had the opportunity to visit a Planeterra Project in Peru where we helped start a Women’s Weaving Co-op. It was there I was able to see the impact that tourism has had on that community. You could see it in the locals’ eyes how happy they were. They have a courtyard and buildings now. It was incredible to see the before and after. I will never forget that moment.    

Jeremy and I met via his job with G Adventures, but happy some mutual friends since he went to college at Shippensburg University, just down the road from my hometown (Carlisle, PA!). We both live in South Central PA now too so it’s been fun to watch his career skyrocket all while being able to chat about how crazy our toddlers are 😉  The timing of his spotlight was impeccable and a bit purposeful as I’m announcing my 2018 Trip – ICELAND with G Adventures! I am so excited to introduce 12 of you to the G Adventures way including their fabulous CEO system (I still talk to my CEO from Peru). The small group size will ensure this is a personal and ultimately really fun experience for all of us including northern lights hunting – fingers majorly crossed. Send me an email if you’re ready to sign up or if you have more questions!


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