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Today I’m introducing you to Katie Fravel of Fravel Travel! I met Katie in 2014 when she emailed the agency I worked for asking for a meeting to introduce us to her company.  Katie and I connected instantly and we’ve since planned a few dozen Ireland, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island itineraries together. It’s my pleasure to give you a glimpse into her world…Enjoy!
Cape Chignecto, NS

Background: I started in the travel industry completely by chance in 2008. I had recently moved to Atlanta, GA and found a job opening with a ticketing/reservations center. After a few weeks in their call center, I was moved onto the business development team, and it was there I started to learn about negotiating rates and scouting new suppliers. A year later, again by chance, I met someone at a 4th of July pool party that worked for a company specializing in leisure travel to Ireland & the UK.  I knew immediately that I wanted to work there, and proceeded to reach out to them every month for a few months, and then they took me on.  I refer to this method as the stray cat approach – if you stick around long enough, someone will let you in. I worked there for years, and by the time I left I was the head of Ireland sales, and also took the lead in any multi-destination requests, golf requests and groups. In 2013 I decided to take what I had learned and open up Fravel Travel.  In the first year, I only booked Ireland as it was where I felt the most comfortable. In 2014, it was time to expand and I decided to venture into Maritime Canada, adding Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island into the fold. I was seeking out destinations that had the qualities of Ireland that I love, closer to home.

Company Focus: Fravel Travel specializes in travel to Ireland, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.  As a supplier, I focus on working with amazing travel agents, such as Heather. When an agent comes to me, I work with them to craft a custom itinerary to match their clients preferences.   Each trip is a partnership to make sure the end client is getting the best experience.

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Most Unique Thing I’ve Booked: This one is tough, there have been a lot of interesting trips over the years. Last year I booked a trip with a client that was really into hiking, so we timed their trip with the Hike the Highlands festival in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.  I helped plan out her trip and all the hikes, this was fun because by the end this trip was so specific to her and her husband. In Ireland, there have been a few times where I’ve set up an evening with a Shanachie, which is an Irish storyteller. It doesn’t come up often, but for the right client it’s amazing.  Imagine starting with learning to make an Irish coffee, then sitting around a fireplace with your drink as you listen to the stories.

Favorite Place: How do you stump a travel pro? Ask them their favorite place, haha! There are a lot of places near and dear to me. Last fall when I was in Nova Scotia, I was traveling solo, and had a really incredible trip.  I’m a big fan of solo travel, and am used to being on my own to do sightseeing and eating dinner alone, etc. But a normally keep a quick pace, and on this trip I slowed down a bit to make time for some full days of hiking. Now I find myself craving something similar. Having that time, fully alone, out on a trail, is good for my soul. It’s rewarding and restorative.  So right now, my favorite place is around Wolfville, Nova Scotia. There I can spend time hiking and then come back to wrap up the day with wine tasting.

A few more words from Heather: One of my favorite memories that Katie created for my clients was a husband surprising his wife for her 50th birthday (take note husbands!) with a trip to Ireland complete with overnight stays in some of the most beautiful hotel suites, personal shopping trip and private whiskey tastings!

Katie's Favorite Suite; Premier Suite at the Gregan's Castle in County Clare, Ireland
Katie’s Favorite Suite; Premier Suite at the Gregan’s Castle in County Clare, Ireland

Feel free to follow Katie on Instagram or Facebook where she shares beautiful photos and insights!

We can’t wait to come up with your itinerary next – if you’re ready to chat, start here!


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