Partner Spotlight: Kay & Co Weekends

Meet Randi, the brains — and beauty 😉 — behind Kay & Co, a boutique travel and party planning company that puts together creative getaways for bachelor and bachelorette parties, girls’ getaways, wedding weekends, and more in beautiful Charleston, S.C.

Where are you from? I am from a little town in Northern Michigan! Most beautiful place.

Where do you live? Charleston, South Carolina – about to celebrate my three year anniversary with the city!

What made you start Kay + Co? I originally started this company because groups traveling to Charleston so often just get wrapped up in tourist-y activities, and there’s so much more to the city — I wanted to start something that would provide more. My goal is to be an outlet for unique activities and local events that you might not hear about otherwise; I want to make sure that visitors see what our city has to offer and truly embrace it, in whatever way works for them. After only a few months of planning trips, my intention became two-fold: there are so many details to weddings, and everyone gets so busy — I wanted to make sure that things like the bachelorette weekend or the morning of your wedding didn’t go overlooked, and were just as special as they deserve to be. That time with your besties is something to be savored, and I want it to be perfect for every one of my groups.

What are the 3 key things we should know about your company?

1) We specialize in bachelor and bachelorette weekends, wedding weekends, and honeymoons — we’ll handle all the details so you can focus on what’s important!

2) We can personalize anything, so whether you need complete planning for your trip, recommendations for a few activities, or just decorations & deliveries, we’ve got your back.

3) We love local — our focus is on making sure you see Charleston for the amazing little city it is, so as much as possible, we send our groups to local activities and local restaurants! 

What’s your dream client scenario?

I have two dream clients. My first dream client is a bachelor or bachelorette party, staying on the beach, that wants decoration & delivery services upon arrival, and that lets me book a few of my favorite local activities for them — most likely, a day out on the water followed by a wine-blending class and dinner at one of my favorite restaurants. This is most of my clients, so I’m feeling hashtag blessed.

My second dream client is a mother of the bride that wants her daughter’s wedding weekend to be perfect, so she comes to me to recommend a few activities for the wedding guests, books a girls’ day for the bridesmaids on the day of the rehearsal dinner, and schedules a bubbly bar to be delivered the morning of the wedding while the girls are getting ready. Now I’m dreaming about bubbly bars! 

Favorite place to get a drink in Charleston?

Cocktail Club (with a side of bacon popcorn).

How do you take your coffee?

With a splash of almond milk! 

A note from Heather:

Who else has met great friends (and possibly business collabs) on Instagram? I know it’s not just me! Randi and I met thanks to Instagram and instantly connected on our love for customization for our clients. Randi and I work side by side, me handling the accommodations and logistics while she ensures the fun!

Follow Randi’s low-country life and (pretty party photos!) on Instagram here and on pinterest.

If you’ve been delaying those bachelor or bachelorette plans, go ahead and alleviate all that stress — take a look at her pre-planned packages or fill out the form for a custom plan!

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