Planning Your Honeymoon: Choosing A Destination, Part II

If you’re planning a honeymoon and have no idea where you want to travel, you’ve probably realized the world is a lot bigger than you thought! That’s why I’m breaking down popular honeymoon destinations and their key features so you can make the best choice for what’s probably your first big trip together as a couple!

In our last honeymoon planning blog post, we covered Hawaii, Mexico, The Caribbean, and South America. You can check that post out here. Today, we’re going to give a brief overview of Central America, Europe, Tahiti (and her islands), Africa, Australia, and New Zealand.

Buckle up and let’s go for a trip around the world!

Photo credit to Nayara Hotel Spa & Garden

Central America:
Central America’s rainy season runs April through December.
Highlights: Volcanoes, active adventures (think zip-lining, hiking, white water rafting); inexpensive food (in Costa Rica you can eat for less than $10USD for two people at the little food huts); gracious locals; and COFFEE!

Europe is such a broad area, but you can travel year-round for the France, Italy, Greece region. For Western Europe, I suggest May-October (depending on your weather preferences) along with the U.K.
Highlights: ancient history; handmade leather shoes; UNESCO World Heritage sights; beer; wine; espresso; unique hotels; amazing dining;  and open markets!
Photo by KIR2BEN
Tahiti (and her islands):
The ideal month to travel to Tahiti are May and June and then September and October. Taking a look at when the full moon occurs would be really worthwhile. Seeing the light play on the water is just priceless!
Highlights: Over water bungalows; watching the fish as you get ready for dinner; hiking to the top of the island and seeing water for miles; and recharging.
Photo by Lindsey Epperly
I found this great graphic via The Africa Adventure Company, which does a great job of highlighting the best time to travel to each region of the continent.

Highlights: I’m not sure how much detail I really need to go into here! This:  exotic animals; glamping; sweet, warm, down to earth, people; amazing food; Victoria Falls; Capetown; and more!

Photo by Scott Ebright
Australia/New Zealand:
This area is another destination with opposite seasons than the U.S., and this region’s weather also varies depending on exactly where you’re going. The general rule of thumb is going during their spring or fall. So March/April or September/October. Something to keep in mind: Christchurch,NZ, was on USA Today’s Top 10 Best Year Round Climate list!
Highlights: There are sooo many things to do & see we could talk for HOURS, if not days! The Great Ocean Road;  the Twelve Apostles; Franz Josef Glacier; the penguins; the Great Barrier Reef; Sydney Bridge; Sydney Opera House; flat whites; kangaroos(!); wine region in New Zealand; Kiwis!
The ideal months to travel to the Maldives are November-April then monsoon season starts!
Highlights:  This is a magical place on our precious earth. Endless water; luxury resorts that make hanging out in your room completely ideal; unreal water. I hope Heaven has a bit of this!
Whew! What a trip around the world! There are so many great places to travel for you honeymoon that you really can’t go wrong. That said, reach out to me and I can ask just the right questions to help you make your destination decision a breeze!
P.S. I’m not a meteorologist/scientist nor God – we all know how crazy the weather is, correct?  If I could predict weather, I wouldn’t be writing a blog, now would I? 🙂




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