Rave Reviews

Heather Christoper Travel Consulting makes planning an amazing trip so easy and convenient. She and her staff are very knowledgeable about so many different destinations that they can provide multiple suggestions and options. They are also very responsive to questions and concerns. We have been extremely pleased with their service and assistance with several trips and look forward to working with Heather and her staff again.

D + S
Travel Date: Christmas Markets, 2022

Heather Christopher is the best travel agent we have ever worked with. She kept us up top date with the plans and itinerary, and the whole travel process with details. Will never use anyone else to make travel plans. If she doesn’t know the answer to a question, she gets one quickly.

D + G
Travel Date: Tahiti, November 2022

We first worked with Heather when she helped with our wedding hotel block, and then for our honeymoon where she planned the most incredible trip to Belize! We just got back from a getaway to Mexico and it was absolutely perfect! I’m so glad I didn’t try to plan it on my own because Heather found the most perfect resort for us and I didn’t have to do any work to get us there 🙂 Hotel, flights, transportation, reservations, they took care of it all! Heather and her team are the absolute best – we will not plan any trips without her anymore!

A + D
Travel Date: Mexico, October 2022

Heather was the best decision we made in our wedding + honeymoon planning journey. Working with her made our trip undeniably one of the best of our lives! Her expert guidance was evident from Day 1 where she immediately crafted us an itinerary that made sense for our wants / desires (some that were tricky to navigate!) We essentially showed up to our flight without a lot of knowledge on how our day to day would like so we put our faith totally in Heather and it paid off! Her itinerary was straightforward and allowed for plenty of downtime. All events and scheduled items happened on time with no hiccups or disruptions. Heather also helped us in real time as we were looking to schedule a last minute boat ride in Como – a god send as we weren’t sure what to go with! Highly recommend Heather and her team for any and all your travel needs. Thank you Heather!

S + A
Travel Date: Italy, September 2022

I love to travel and plan trips, but having an expert plan, organize, and schedule this trip made such a huge difference. I didn’t have to worry about the details; everything ran so smoothly. The itinerary was perfect in terms of length of time in each city, types of activities planned, having some “downtime” to explore/plan other things, etc. It was incredibly helpful to have a detailed itinerary in hard copy and the app. We could reference everything in one spot and not have to scramble to find confirmation numbers, contact information, etc. It was so reassuring to have experts to go to if anything happened (and luckily nothing happened!) while we were traveling. We felt so spoiled having a car pick us up/drop us off at airports, train stations, etc. It was great to not have to worry about that part (so much so that we regretted not having a car service for when we returned to DC!). I loved the personalized notes at each hotel and the postcard when I returned home. Not to mention that Heather had to reschedule my trip 4 times over the span of 2+ years and manage a significant change in my plans just a few months before the trip, I always felt supported, provided information in a timely fashion, and kept up-to-date on trip changes and changes to New Zealand’s timeline for allowing international visitors. This was truly a special trip and am so fortunate to have traveled with my sister on this once-in-a-lifetime trip. (It was also my 40th country visited, so an extra reason to celebrate!) I will cherish this trip for the rest of my life.

Travel Date: New Zealand, October 2022

I will never plan a big trip without Heather and team again! She planned our ten-year wedding anniversary trip to Moorea and Bora Bora and it was a trip of a lifetime! Everything went off without a hitch and it was everything we dreamed of and more! The time and energy we didn’t have to spend researching/planning/booking, and the stress we avoided by having Heather help us was worth her fee x10. She handled every detail big and small and all that was left for us was to be excited and enjoy! Can’t recommend Heather and team enough!

S + C
Travel Date: Tahiti, September 2022

We just landed at LAX, one more short flight home to Sacramento! Just wanted to take a moment to say THANK YOU for an unforgettable trip of a lifetime. We had the absolute best time! The islands were so beautiful and the people there are so kind and special. We felt so lucky to enjoy the luxuries AND learn about the culture and people and local foods and lifestyle. So many amazing memories made. And WOW… the Conrad hotel is just… WOW. Thank you so so much!

K Family
Travel Date: Tahitian Islands September 2022

We are SO GLAD we used Heather for our trip to Hawaii. She found us great places to stay, reserved once-in-a-lifetime activities, and helped us find flights. We never could’ve put together such a great itinerary on our own – highly recommend using Heather Christopher Travel Consulting, LLC

M Family
Travel Date: Hawaii July 2022

Rob and I both loved how much thought went into the initial proposals, and I especially appreciated that Heather managed the timing associated with booking excursions, etc. So many of the activities we did were in HIGH demand (we heard lots of stories of people upset that things were booked out for weeks or months), and Heather just handled it. We had the best golf, excursions, etc and it’s because we booked EARLY! Will never ever plan a big trip like this without Heather.

C + R
Travel Date: Hawaii August 2022

Huge MAHALO for helping us plan the most amazing Hawaii trip. We got home last night and thankfully our flights went smoothly!! All of your suggestions from hotels to restaurants to excursions were perfect and we had the most incredible time. The Montage Maui was a home run! We were upgraded to a 3 BR residence and it was spacious and so luxurious! The staff were so attentive and accommodating and the facilities were WOW! We’re now completely spoiled and don’t know how we can ever top this vacation!!! Lol. One thing we know for sure is that we will never plan another vacation without your input!

The Z Family
Travel Date: August 2022

Our family wanted an “Adventure Vacation” out west and Leah, with Heather Christopher Travel, planned a 4 park, 10 day trip for us that we will never forget! The process was simple, incorporated our desires, needs, and dreams for the trip, and Leah also had perfect recommendations for hotels, restaurants, and activities. In the past I have planned these trips on my own, but never again! The value brought by Leah and team HCT has lead me to decide we won’t go anywhere without their help, ever again!

The T Family
Travel Date: Utah National Parks, July 2022

Wonderful to work with! Not only did she help plan but also ensured execution of all plans. She aided in hotel hiccup which put our panic at ease. Truly a business who does indeed care through their actions and not just their words. We plan on using again this year and have referred her to friends and family!

The M Family
Travel Date: Bahamas, April 2022

Would absolutely recommend Heather (in fact I already have!). She made everything so easy and organized and found cool excursions for my family. I appreciated the multiple price points she worked on in her itinerary proposals. 100% worth it and will certainly be using her services again!

B Family
Travel Date: Portugal, June 2022

HCTC made our vacation everything we wanted! Great to work with and provide awesome suggestions and recommendations.

M + C
Travel Date: Colorado, June 2022

Megan and the Heather Christopher Travel Consulting team is AMAZING!!! Megan planned our whole honeymoon to St. Lucia and it was nothing short but perfect. Her guidance and expertise was much appreciated as we have never travelled internationally. The location we stayed was pure magic and I don’t think I would have ever found it without them! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We can’t wait to use you guys again soon!

A + B
Travel Date: St Lucia, June 2022

I hired HCT to plan our honeymoon. She provided us with two different itinerary options/ locations. We chose Belize. We stayed in the most magical resorts I never would have found or considered had we not planned this through her. Our entire trip itinerary was on an app for us to use while traveling- pick up times and information, excursions, etc. all of this planned and organized by HCT! I was also able to communicate with her while on the trip if need be. She even provided packing tips and kept us up to date with all travel/health updates. Our honeymoon was a dream come true thanks to HCT! We even had a note in our room upon arrival from her and a postcard at our house when we returned. These little touches make you really feel special and know your travel agent cares about you and your trip!!

S + C
Travel Date: Belize, May 2022

I cannot say enough good things about our experiences with Heather Christopher Travel Consulting. If you want an amazing, personalized, every-detail-taken-care-of trip, HCTC should definitely be your go-to!

Dr. and. Mrs. W
Travel Date: May 2022

Amazing trip planned by Heather to Harbour Island, Bahamas. Heather is quick to pick up on preferences and subtle comments that shape the trip. She never made us feel rushed and did a great job understanding budget and distance considerations. In the post COVID era, I would not plan another trip without her. She is efficient in her responses and uses technology to show and tell in her explanations. How patient she is with the non-stop questions you have when traveling. She understands they type of lifestyle you lead, your goals and wants on the trip and magically matches perfect options for your review. She made our trip run so smoothly- and we are grateful beyond measure!

K + A
Travel Date: Harbour Island, May 2022

6 weeks before our wedding, my husband and I looked at each other and realized we had zero plans for our honeymoon (cue face-palm). Thankfully a friend of mine recommended Heather! Within a day she had emailed us back, set up a phone call, and answered some basic questions on dates, locations, and excursions. Within a week we had a full fledged itinerary including booked flights, hotel, and nightly dinner reservations (which we didn’t realize were KEY in Maui – we would have been scrambling each night without her planning!) It ended up being such a spectacular trip, especially after a crazy wedding weekend. Now that I know how much more relaxing it is to plan vacations with a travel agent, I’m sure will be using Heather and her team again soon!

S + R
Travel Date: April 2022

We had a GREAT time. Fantastic food…beautiful weather….welcoming staff. You were spot on with this resort. I will be reaching out to you and your staff when we are ready for our next trip in the fall. We like to spend the summers up here in VT when it’s nice out. Talk soon. And thank you for a job well done!

R + B
Travel Date: Aruba, April 2022

Heather and the entire HCTC team were a dream to work with when planning our recent vacation to Mexico! Every detail and step was spelled out for us to make it easy and fool proof. Everything was prearranged for us, including transportation to and from the airport. We literally did not need to think about anything other than having passports in hand and showing up to relax/ enjoy vacation. I honestly could not have asked for a better travel experience and I have the HCTC team to thank for that! We will NEVER plan another vacation without their help! Forever thankful for them!

K Family
Travel Date: Mexico, January 2022

There are not enough words to fully express how invaluable Heather was in planning our recent trip to Portugal. I am typically the one in the family to plan our trips, but with all of the rapidly changing travel regulations due to the pandemic as well as limited time between work and home obligations, I just didn’t have the interest or mental capacity to do all of the research required to plan a big anniversary trip for my husband and me. Heather was so amazing to work with and made the entire process of choosing a destination and coming up with an itinerary so seamless and fun! Based on the planning process, we already had high hopes for our trip, but the trip itself honestly exceeded all of our expectations and hopes for the trip. Every single part of our vacation was so perfectly curated for our interests and preferences, and all of the accommodations were honestly first class. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to Heather and her team for any travel planning. Her expertise in the travel industry and her exquisite taste are immediately made evident when working with her. Already looking forward to the next trip she has planned for us!

E + A
Travel Date: Portugal, October 2021

I cannot say enough good things about Heather! I have never worked with a travel agent before and I will definitely never go back. Heather was able to help my husband and I navigate planning our honeymoon from start to finish. During our first phone call, I spoke with Heather about some of the things we were looking for – mainly great food and drinks, and a place to relax after the wedding. Heather then gave us some suggestions and we picked a beautiful hotel in Antigua, which was everything we could’ve asked for and more! Not only was Heather able to find the perfect spot for us, she also helped us navigate the craziness of postponing the honeymoon due to Covid. While wedding planning during a pandemic while simultaneously studying for the bar exam was stressful, Heather was able to take the entire honeymoon planning process off our plate, which was a huge relief. I am forever grateful to Heather and can’t wait to plan more exciting adventures with her help!

A + A
Travel Date: August 2021

My husband and I used Heather and her team to plan our honeymoon to Greece and it was better than we ever could have expected. I am usually the one to book all the details for our vacations and do the research but it was so nice to give up that work and let Heather take control. I could never have put together such a beautiful trip and have us be so completely stress-free and prepared. We will be using Heather for many trips to come and couldn’t recommend her enough!

C + C
Travel Date: September 2021

5 STARS For HCT Travel! We used HCT for our 10 year anniversary trip to Scotland and then for a family vacation to Martha’s Vineyard! From start to finish, the travel planning process was incredible. Heather listened to our “vision” during our phone consults and then put our dreams to reality with both of these trips. From excursions to the BEST restaurant recommendations, to securing carseats at the last minute, she thinks of everything and is so knowledgeable and helpful! I love the Trip Planner app so I have all of our plans on my phone. This service has made our last two vacations really stress free! We won’t do another big trip without HCT!

W Family
Travel Date: July 2021

I wish I could give Heather and her team 10 stars! We originally were traveling to another location for our honeymoon. Three days before we were supposed to leave, we received an email that changed everything! Our original destination was under a government lockdown. That being said, I was panicking! We ended up canceling our honeymoon and I contacted Heather for help. In less than thirty minutes, she responded and told me not to unpack our bags. The next morning, she sent us two AMAZING options and sent detailed videos explaining her thoughts. Everything was booked and planned in less than 24 hours of initially contacting Heather. On our honeymoon, we were so relaxed because Heather planned everything for us…there was nothing to worry about! We appreciate Heather’s amazing customer service as well! We are so thankful for her and her team saving our honeymoon! We will never travel without HCT!

I + C
Travel Date: July 2021

Turks + Caicos – I will never plan a trip without Heather and her team! Not only does she free you from the stress of research and coordination of trip details, there’s an added ease of having your full itinerary handled for you! The app to stay on track during the trip is an added bonus. She’s planned multiple personal and professional trips for me and she’s my #1 recommendation to clients as well!

K family
Travel Date: June 2021

Mexico – Heather was recommended to me by a coworker. I was initially skeptical of a travel agent because I wasn’t sure if it would be cost prohibitive. However, that was not the case! Heather was professional, responsive, understanding, patient, and very knowledgeable! We appreciated the time she took in putting together proposals, her videos have great commentary ;-). She never made us feel like a burden when we had her go back to the drawing board, we were a little picky with requests. Her travel app was so easy to use and I appreciated that all the necessary info was in one place. She truly made our honeymoon planning painless! I look forward to working with her again!

L + C
Travel Date: June 2021

Antigua – Heather helped us to plan the honeymoon of our absolute dreams! She makes everything super easy and organized. We can’t wait to have her plan our next trip!!!

C+ J
Travel Date: May 2021

Hawaiian Islands
Heather and her team coordinated our family’s bucket-list trip of a lifetime to Hawaii and we are forever grateful! During very complicated covid times, she planned with detail, thoroughness, and thoughtfulness to what our dreams (and budget!) for the trip were. We traveled to 3 islands and she had ideas and best recommendations of vetted vendors, hotels, and excursions for each island. Every hotel property, activity, and meal were ideal. We’ll never go anywhere again without Heather!”

The Troutman Family
Travel Date: June 2021

Yellowstone + Grand Teton

We’re on our way to the airport and this vacation was fantastic. I don’t want to leave, haha.

D + R
Travel Date: June 2021

I will never plan a trip without Heather and her team! Not only does she free you from the stress of research and coordination of trip details, there’s an added ease of having your full itinerary handled for you! The app to stay on track during the trip is an added bonus. She’s planned multiple personal and professional trips for me and she’s my #1 recommendation to clients as well!

K Family
Travel Date: June 2021

I just wanted to take a quick moment to tell you how much we appreciate all you did for us to make this trip so special!   I think everyone had a wonderful time.  The resort was terrific, the people so nice, food great and clean clear beach and water.

B + D
Travel Date: Mexico June 2021

Heather is AMAZING! She goes above and beyond. She really listens to all your wants and needs for the trip and always stays within your budget! We just got back from a second trip planned by her in the last four months and it was perfect. My motto never leave home without Heather!

Lynnel F
Travel Date: April 2021

Heather has helped us for a opulent if vacations! She absolutely does everything to make you feel special! Our last vacation to Hawaii sent 2 birthday gifts to our room for my husband. She is always available to answer any questions or concerns you may have! Thank you Heather for the most amazing vacation to Hawaii!

Sandy & Steve
Travel Date: September 2019

Heather planned an amazing trip for me & my daughter to Australia. She heard everything we’d hoped for & delivered. Beautiful rooms ,expert travel guides in each stop. Tickets for performance at Sydney opera house were 4th row center two seats. Fortunately we had no problems but felt confident if we did Heather would respond quickly. I won’t plan another extended vacation without her help.

Sandy M
Travel Date: September 2019

We had a wonderful honeymoon trip! This would not have been possible without Heather and the services she provided. All the details were taken care of and this was really appreciated since we were planning our wedding and managing our day to day at the same time. Heather was also a great support while we traveling by answering any on the fly questions or helping with any encountered issues. This service is so worthwhile because we were able to enjoy the experience and not worry about the myriad of details. I highly recommend Heather and her team and hope to use her services in the future.

Heather + Rodney
Travel Date: May 2019

We felt VERY prepared for the trip with the paperwork and app that you shared. The app was so nice to use as a quick reference from day to day! All in all it was a phenomenal trip and it was so wonderful to simply enjoy it and not stress out about the logistics, guides, tickets, etc. We are so appreciative and thankful for all of your help in planning such a special time!

Sarah and Tom
Travel Date: May 2019

We wanted to send a THANK YOU for planning the most magical birthday trip imaginable. We had an incredible time and loved every element of it. It really was a dream and we both agree it was one of the best trips we’ve ever been on.

Thank you and your team for everything – especially for taking on this challenge at the very last minute and being able to adjust and shift plans so seamlessly, you have a true talent!

Callie + Luke
Travel Date: May 2019

Heather, thanks so much for the planning. Everything went super smooth and we had just a great time.

The Rarrick Family
Travel Date: April 2019

Heather… it was a trip for a lifetime! Fiona and I could not have thought of a better way to kick start our lives together. Your really put us on the right path and we’re super flexible with our changes/requests. Can’t thank you enough. Memories made for the rest of our lives.

M + F
Travel Date: January 2019

I can’t speak highly enough about Heather! She and her associates have planned two large family (25+ people) vacations for our family and most recently a tour of Ireland for my husband and I to celebrate our anniversary. Every trip has been flawless and so well planned. There’s no way we could have ever experienced these vacations in such stress free and enjoyable way without her help. She is the absolute best and I will never go on another trip without her assistance again!

Alex + Sean
Travel Date: November 2018

We thought everything was on point. The transfers from the trains were very convenient. All of your recommendations were so helpful, and most importantly, you designed the ideal itinerary for us. We enjoyed walking and eating and the unscheduled freedom to do what we wanted when it suited us and the weather.

I’ve already recommended you to three friends. And hopefully it’s not 12 years before our next trip. Ireland, Scotland, and English countryside/coast are calling my heart.

Sarah & Ken
Travel Date: October 2018

This was a trip we will remember for the rest of our lives and was one I didn’t want to get wrong. There’s no way we could have planned that trip ourselves. From beach recommendations to restaurants to lodging, everything was spot on. Thank you for all of your hard work on the trip.

Josh and Malynda M.
Travel Date: May 2018

Thank you so much Heather. We had a GREAT time and wouldn’t have had the time to plan this on our own.

Every activity you picked was spot on. The cooking class, trip to Tomar, car rental, airfare, and transportation all went off without a hitch!

Dana and Chad U
Travel Date: July 2018

Whenever we talk about our trip to friends and family and they ask how we planned it, we tell them they have to reach out to you! I believe some have even started following you on Instagram! Everything was seamless and easy, which ultimately made our trip more relaxing and enjoyable. Matt and I are thinking about another vacation this fall so we may be in touch again soon! Thank you again for all of your hard work! Matt and I had the best time exploring Europe! It wouldn’t have been nearly as smooth without your assistance and we are truly grateful for that. We hope to work with you again soon! 🙂

Matt + Leanne
Travel Date: July 2018

Thank you so much for helping us plan our Hawaii vacation! Everything went perfectly and the vacation was absolutely amazing! We did go to some of the restaurants you recommended and we also found some sites to see base on the resort recommendation. It really was an unforgettable vacation and we hope to be back some day!

The Boyce Family
Travel Date: June 2018

You did an amazing job! We are already talking about where our next Europe trip will be and using you! 🙂

D + K
Travel Date: May 2018

Overall, it was wonderful to not have to plan all the little details, I am very grateful for your work in organizing our trip, and especially the details in helping to extend it when we just weren’t ready to leave yet! And this trip was our first time using a travel agent, so it was a great learning experience for us on how do we communicate with YOU better about our travel style and interests. We are excited to think about what our next trip might entail! We know we must get back to Hawaii at some point, and are now curious about the other islands too! Thank you again for your help and execution on a wonderful honeymoon trip 🙂

K + R
Travel Date: May 2018

I would definitely recommend your services!! We want to do another cruise next year or the year after and we will be reaching out to you for help when we’re ready!

The E Family
Travel Date: April 2018

I wanted to send you a message to say a huge thank you for all your help and planning our time in Amalfi! We had the most perfect time,thanks in big back to you!

Maureen + Rich
Travel Date: April 2018

We would definitely book with you again! It was so nice to take the stress of planning off our plates and just have a good time!

Megan + Phil Brown
Travel Date: December 2017

First of all, thank you SO MUCH for everything! Our honeymoon was absolutely perfect and so much of that was thanks to you, your planning, and your assistance during the week. We are so grateful.

Jessica and Kevin Dwyer
Travel Date: September 2017

Oh, my goodness, what a WONDERFUL trip! I can’t tell you how many times we commented how happy we were to have had your planning.

D'Andra and Dave Walter
Travel Date: September 2017

Thank you for arranging our trip to California. there really were many moving parts, but you coordinated them so well that everything went very smoothly. I may have been able to put it together but not with the efficiency that you did.

Linda and Joe Sullivan
Travel Date: September 2017

The process was enjoyable and stress-free, but we were able to spend two weeks traveling abroad without a single worry. You covered every detail that needed to be covered and thought through everything, leaving us to simply relax and be on “vacation”, which was what we wanted for our Honeymoon!

Lauren + Mike Bown
Travel Date: July 2017

Thanks a million for arranging a great trip. It was our favorite so far!

R and E
Travel Date: July 2017

We had the most superb honeymoon and we were really glad we decided to work with a travel agent and that we chose you. You did a wonderful job and we loved our time in New Zealand. Thank you so much!

Aimee and Scott
Travel Date: May 2017

Your itinerary was fine and we would certainly recommend you to others. Phones, phone charging ATM cards, credit cards and all the logistics went smoothly. Thanks for you attention to detail so we could enjoy our vacation.

Nancy + Kurt K.
Travel Date: May 2017

Thank you so much for all your efforts to make this trip a success.I would highly recommend you and have already done so to Gettysburg friends.

Mark and Criss
Travel Date: January 2017

Our honeymoon was absolutely wonderful! Thank for you everything! We had no questions along the way since you planned everything and had it all so very organized. The welcome gifts were so incredibly sweet and thoughtful of you. You totally went above and beyond! We ate everything that was in the basket (waipouli resort) and on the plate (Fairmont Orchid) AND the delicious cookies that we received after we got home. You did way too much for us! We are so very thankful and would use you again in a heartbeat for our next trip.

Lindsay and Mark
Travel Date: November 2016

You were amazing! We are sooo happy we worked with you for our honeymoon.. it was the best decision. It was so great that I dont have any advice on how you could have improved… sorry 😉

Michele & Stephen
Travel Date: November 2016

You did a great job nothing more you could have provided us with. Thanks for everything 🙂 you went above and beyond even when a hurricane interfered with our plans

Logan and Jonathan F
Travel Date: October 2016

We had an amazing time! I almost e-mailed you while we were there to tell you how much fun we were having & what a great job you did planning it! Thanks again for all your help! It was an amazing vacation that we’ll remember forever!

Travel Date: June 2016

We wouldn’t have even known where to begin planning this trip, and you made sure everything was clear and taken care of for us, and we couldn’t be more appreciative!

Steph & John B.
Travel Date: June 2016

Heather took care of all the details for our trip! She thought of things that we hadn’t even considered. I would highly recommend her as you plan your next vacation!

Travel Date: July 2015

Always does the best for us. Heather always has our best interests in mind when we are planning our vacation travel. We can always count on her as well as Classic Travel to take care of all the little details. After planning a trip with Heather, we know all the details have been taken care and we can enjoy our vacation. We have using Heather as our travel agent for over 15 years.

Travel Date: December 2014

Extremely knowledgeable, friendly and helpful!! Heather was a dream to work with! My husband and I were apprehensive about going through a travel agent to book our honeymoon, but were quickly swept up with how much easier the planning became. Heather went through the list of places we had looked into online and asked about our preferences in terms of location, activities we wanted to do and if we wanted an all-inclusive resort. Within a few email exchanges we were able to narrow down our search to three locations all of which Heather had visited and vouched for. After making our selection and asking about airline preferences and travel dates, she booked our trip and took our down payment. Being able to split up the payments definitely made our dream honeymoon more affordable then if we had gone online and booked it ourselves. Heather made her self available to answer questions and sent us email reminders all the way up to the day we left. Once we were back she was excited to hear how everything went. Heather definitely went above and beyond our expectations! We have since recommended her to friends and will book through her in the future!

Travel Date: March 2014

Safe and happy in Heather’s hands. Heather is perfect for us. We give her either generalities or specifics and she takes it from there. We have traveled with her help for years and it has expanded our horizons and experiences because if she hadn’t helped us plan and assured perfect execution we would not have adopted ocean and river cruising or destination vacations as a new way of life. Her attention to detail and developed insight into our preferences makes enjoying the vacations so easy; there are truly no worries. In an age when many people think that travel agency support is a thing of the past because of PC offerings, they overlook what a professional agent can provide. Not the least are a second set of eyes and a detail chaser. Heather brings us all of that and good ideas for our next adventures. She is the one we call in crises that require immediate travel and she is the one we think of when we are enjoying our trips.

Dan and Sally
Travel Date: January 2015

She’s there for you. Of all of the professionals I deal with in life, there is no one I would recommend more highly than Heather. In working with her she makes it seem as if she’s there to have your back, and when I had a travel problem I discovered that she genuinely does. She went above and beyond to talk me through my options, calm me down, and help me fix the situation. Even though I’m one of dozens of clients, I always have the feeling that she cares about my enjoyment of my trip.

Keith J.
Travel Date: December 2014

She listened and gave us exactly what we asked for! This is the 3rd trip that we have used Heather for. Every single time — she has been able to listen, ask questions and then deliver on what we wanted. She always provided plenty of options within our target price range and we have never felt pressure to choose something that we didn’t want. Her approachable demeanor is the single reason we come back. In the world of Customer Service — Heather is Top Notch and would recommend her to anyone that was planning a vacation. Her process is simple, her style is amazing and I will use her again to book my next adventure.

Travel Date: May 2015

Heather made our anniversary trip unforgettable! Heather helped us plan our 5 year wedding anniversary trip. She was very knowledgeable about the many different options available to us within our desired location and budget. We had a wonderful time on our trip and Heather’s expertise and attention to detail helped make it possible!

Travel Date: August 2014

Best vacations ever. Heather has been our travel agent for 11 years for a reason – she’s exceptional! We are completely spoiled by the service she gives. We basically provide dates, indicate what we want to do and Heather takes care of the rest. If we are undecided about a cruise, vacation or other trip, she helps us sort it out because of her apparently unlimited knowledge of the travel industry, vacation spots, cruise lines, etc. She has never steered us wrong on a recommendation. She is also a joy to deal with – always upbeat, positive and fun! We wouldn’t want to deal with anyone else.

Travel Date: March 2015

Amazing Attention to Detail. Heather has an incredible personal AND professional approach to customizing your travel experience. It is a like a friend who knows you best, but is also timely, reliable, and thorough. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone seeking a straightforward, efficient, and comprehensive planner for their trip of a lifetime or long weekend get away.

Travel Date: October 2015

Best trip we’ve ever taken! Heather was amazing. She was easy to work with and planned the most amazing trip to Hawaii! It was for our 5 year anniversary. The first night she had champagne delivered to our room and the trip ran so smooth. I would recommend her in a heartbeat to anyone!

Andrea E
Travel Date: July 2012


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