So your baby needs a passport?

Its been eight years since I’ve had to go through the passport process & it’s actually a question we’re asked frequently, “What do I need to do to get my child a passport?”.

Since we just finished this process with our two month old I thought I’d document it…
Step 1) Call your local post office to make an appointment that both parents can attend, you will both need to bring government issued photo identification. Save yourself time by doing this as post office passport hours and procedures can vary.
Also ask if they accept credit cards, the form says you can pay with one but it depends on the location you’re submitting it at…ours wouldn’t and we had to do a money order. 
Step 2)
Go to (or click on this link) to print passport forms.
Read all instructions before filling out & do not sign until you’re asked to!
Both parents need a photocopy of their ID also. Along with a photocopy of baby’s birth certificate, the original gets mailed with the passport & comes back seperately.

Step 3) Take your child to Walmart, CVS, or AAA if you’re a member to have their photo taken. Cost range from $7-$12 from what we found.
New mom tip: a two week old doesn’t cooperate well since their eyes need to be showing in the photo & they are always sleeping! πŸ™‚
Helpful hint: write their name & date of birth on the back of the pictures you’re submitting just in case!

Step 4)
Make sure you have social security number and birth certificate before starting the paperwork. 
Step 5) Bring your right hand πŸ˜‰ 
I didn’t realize Brett and I would have to be “sworn in” via the USPS employee, but you do!
Total cost for her passport book with the money order & paying for photocopies of our licenses, $107.00.
Fifteen minutes later and we were out of there!  And now we wait the 4-6 weeks for it to arrive. 
For the record we submitted her application early January and aren’t traveling until May! 

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