HCTC Introduces Newest Travel Advisor - Leah Callahan

Introducing our newest advisor: Leah Callahan

If you’ve been around for awhile, her face + name may look familiar (see here + here). I’m thrilled to tell you that Leah has come onboard officially as a travel advisor with the HCTC team! Leah excels in planning truly off the beaten path itineraries in the following destinations: -Iceland-US and Canadian National Parks-Southeast … Read more

Heather Christopher Travel Consulting | 5 Best Halifax Patios

5 Best Halifax Patios

Today’s blog post brought to you by Dr. and Mrs. Barlett, who did a lot of hard research in order to make sure this blog post is 100% accurate 😉 Big thanks to Chris and Natalie for taking a couples only trip to Nova Scotia this summer and sharing their favorite patios of Halifax, N.S.!  Wooden … Read more

Partner Spotlight: Jenna Daykin of in the details, darling

I’m thrilled to be writing this post – it’s been a few months in the making. If you follow me on Instagram (this is where you see a lot more behind-the-scenes including mom life), then you’ll have heard me mention an “assistant”, but I was keeping her identity hidden as she launched her business, because #branding! … Read more

Honeymoon Planning Series – #2 Destination

On to step number two!  Narrowing down the destination! Some couples instantly know where they want to honeymoon …perfect, skip this! (source) Others know something more general like “We prefer a relaxing beach vacation!” or “We really wanna explore Italy!” oorrr “We must snorkel the Great Barrier Reef!”, you get the idea. It’s okay if … Read more


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