HCTC Introduces Newest Travel Advisor - Leah Callahan

Introducing our newest advisor: Leah Callahan

If you’ve been around for awhile, her face + name may look familiar (see here + here). I’m thrilled to tell you that Leah has come onboard officially as a travel advisor with the HCTC team! Leah excels in planning truly off the beaten path itineraries in the following destinations: -Iceland-US and Canadian National Parks-Southeast … Read more

Heather Christopher Travel Consulting | 5 Best Halifax Patios

5 Best Halifax Patios

Today’s blog post brought to you by Dr. and Mrs. Barlett, who did a lot of hard research in order to make sure this blog post is 100% accurate 😉 Big thanks to Chris and Natalie for taking a couples only trip to Nova Scotia this summer and sharing their favorite patios of Halifax, N.S.!  Wooden … Read more

What to Pack for Winter Travel to Iceland

Oh Iceland…how can I miss a place that was freezing cold? I’m not sure, but I DO! I am already trying to figure out when in my calendar I could get back, but next time warmer months 😉 To quickly re-cap, myself along with a group of 12 others spent January 15 – 20, 2018 exploring … Read more

Planning Your Honeymoon: Choosing a Destination, Part 1

  What’s the most exciting part about honeymoon planning? In my opinion, it’s picking the destination. So, in our second installment of my honeymoon planning series we’re going to talk all things location. Some couples instantly know where they want to honeymoon. If that’s you, skip this blog and head here so we can get … Read more

Four Days in Low Country: Charleston and Kiawah Island

This is exactly what I was afraid of. I had a feeling I would get to Charleston, fall deeply in love and start begging my husband to move (again). Well, it happened friends. I loved it, adored it, and am already thinking about going back in March! Does it replace my beloved Hawaii? NEVER! 🙂 … Read more

Our Favorite Trips in 2016

We’re recapping the best of our travels this past year to help spur your wanderlust and get your own countdown started! Highlighting the HCTC team’s favorite places they visited in 2016: Denise In August, I was given the opportunity to travel to Argentina. South America hadn’t really been on my bucket list, and I was … Read more

Trip Report: Venice, Italy

Day 7: We said goodbye to our sweet villa by 7AM to drive back to Florence, found the rental car drop off (that took a bit…but now I know exactly how to direct you!), walked to the train station and waited for our train.  Three of us dozed on and off and caught up on news a.k.a. … Read more

Trip Report: Tuscany and Florence

Day 4: Continuing from the previous post , the second part of our trip took us to a villa in a very (I’m talking less than 350 people) small town of Donnini in Tuscany. We stayed at the Villa Pitiana for three nights while touring the region. At 9:30AM, our driver met us in the lobby of the Marcella … Read more


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