HCTC Introduces Newest Travel Advisor - Leah Callahan

Introducing our newest advisor: Leah Callahan

If you’ve been around for awhile, her face + name may look familiar (see here + here). I’m thrilled to tell you that Leah has come onboard officially as a travel advisor with the HCTC team! Leah excels in planning truly off the beaten path itineraries in the following destinations: -Iceland-US and Canadian National Parks-Southeast … Read more

Partner Spotlight: Jenna Daykin of in the details, darling

I’m thrilled to be writing this post – it’s been a few months in the making. If you follow me on Instagram (this is where you see a lot more behind-the-scenes including mom life), then you’ll have heard me mention an “assistant”, but I was keeping her identity hidden as she launched her business, because #branding! … Read more

Planning the Perfect National Parks Vacation

My itinerary specialist and National Parks guru, Leah, is here today to guide you through the National Parks planning process – lucky you!  Here’s the thing if all this sounds awesome but you have no desire to actually plan it yourself, that’s where we come in 🙂  Be sure to fill out the form here to … Read more

Four Days in Low Country: Charleston and Kiawah Island

This is exactly what I was afraid of. I had a feeling I would get to Charleston, fall deeply in love and start begging my husband to move (again). Well, it happened friends. I loved it, adored it, and am already thinking about going back in March! Does it replace my beloved Hawaii? NEVER! 🙂 … Read more

Partner Spotlight! Katie of Fravel Travel

Today I’m introducing you to Katie Fravel of Fravel Travel! I met Katie in 2014 when she emailed the agency I worked for asking for a meeting to introduce us to her company.  Katie and I connected instantly and we’ve since planned a few dozen Ireland, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island itineraries together. It’s my … Read more


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