Planning Your Honeymoon: Budgeting

One of my favorite things to do as a travel advisor is to help couples plan their honeymoons. These trips are so fun, because it’s often times one of the first big vacations that a couple plans together. It’s almost as rewarding for me as it is for my clients! Having planned more than 700 … Read more

Four Days in Low Country: Charleston and Kiawah Island

This is exactly what I was afraid of. I had a feeling I would get to Charleston, fall deeply in love and start begging my husband to move (again). Well, it happened friends. I loved it, adored it, and am already thinking about going back in March! Does it replace my beloved Hawaii? NEVER! 🙂 … Read more

Our Favorite Trips in 2016

We’re recapping the best of our travels this past year to help spur your wanderlust and get your own countdown started! Highlighting the HCTC team’s favorite places they visited in 2016: Denise In August, I was given the opportunity to travel to Argentina. South America hadn’t really been on my bucket list, and I was … Read more

Trip Report: Venice, Italy

Day 7: We said goodbye to our sweet villa by 7AM to drive back to Florence, found the rental car drop off (that took a bit…but now I know exactly how to direct you!), walked to the train station and waited for our train.  Three of us dozed on and off and caught up on news a.k.a. … Read more

Trip Report: Tuscany and Florence

Day 4: Continuing from the previous post , the second part of our trip took us to a villa in a very (I’m talking less than 350 people) small town of Donnini in Tuscany. We stayed at the Villa Pitiana for three nights while touring the region. At 9:30AM, our driver met us in the lobby of the Marcella … Read more

How Do Travel Agents Get Paid?

It’s the number one question I am asked…oddly enough, not by clients, but by people who are interested in becoming a travel professional.   A topic I’ve discussed via Facebook Live but feel it’s worthy of a blog post, so here we go! There are two main sources of income for a travel advisor – commission … Read more

Partner Spotlight! Betina of Borton Overseas

Borton Overseas is a company I came across over five years ago when searching for a tour operator who could handle a family’s request for an in depth itinerary driving around Iceland in 10 days! Borton Overseas went above and beyond, securing them a spot on my A list! I have had the pleasure of … Read more

Beaches Turks and Caicos Review!

I had the opportunity to participate in Sandals and Beaches Resorts “Rising Star” FAM program July 9 – 12 at Beaches Turks and Caicos Resort, so of course, I’m going to tell you about it! Just so we’re clear, the Rising Star program is offered to travel agents who complete their Sandals and Beaches certification (I … Read more

Join me in Italy this November! {Opening Week Discount!}

  Join me this November in Italy, exploring Rome, Florence & Tuscany and ending in Venice. 10 days for $2290 per person – Airfare from DC is $1088 per person! In conjunction with my own agency launching, I’m offering $100 off per couple if you deposit before Monday, May 23rd. Can’t wait to drink wine … Read more


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