Viking River Cruise: Budapest – Nuremberg (Romantic Danube)

First trip together without our kids – check! If you’ve read my other blog posts then you know I’m terrible at writing day-by-day re-caps, so you get a larger view of +/-‘s instead. Enjoy =) (Vienna Christmas Market) I have been offered the opportunity to sail with Viking Cruise Line on a FAM (a.k.a. familiarization trip) for … Read more

Peru with G Adventures I

I have been building this blog post in my head since the start of our trip – I sure hope it meets your expectations πŸ˜‰ And this is where memory + lack of notes fail me. This was on our way to Parwa in the Sacred Valley full day 1 where I was going on 3 … Read more

My Favorite Instagram Accounts

I love “IG” more than I love Facebook – I like the lack of words, which is pretty funny for a “talker”. But isn’t the saying “A picture is worth a thousand words”. The more I think about it the more I am sure it’s because of my hashtag obsession. It gives me a sense … Read more

When Your Vacation Goes Wrong – How to Handle a Bad Trip.

It happens.  It happens to me, it happens to my clients (so.embarrassing.), and it will more than likely happen to you at some point in time! Maybe the airline has a delay or change (there is a very high probability of this!), the pre-arranged driver doesn’t meet you at the airport, your room is filfthy and … Read more

Honeymoon Planning Series #3 – Narrowing Your Decision Down

What I run into a lot when helping honeymooners (or anniversary or just general vacation planners) is that once we’ve discussed budget, destination, and it’s time to pick the hotel(s), touring, transportation arrangements, etc suddenly it’s like we’re back at square one. OVERWHELMED. Source Sometimes this is where I take a step back, depending on … Read more

A – Z: Travel with a Six Month Old Baby

This is wordy, you’ve been warned! I’ve debated how to format this for days. Hopefully the way I ended up choosing you find helpful πŸ™‚   So I started writing out our day-by-day, and then holy cow, no way, it’ll be ten years before I finish it. SOOO this was my happy medium; by all … Read more

How to pack for a European vacation with your baby!

Phew. I wanted to put this up before leaving but that obviously didn’t happen… we’re back!  And the recaps are being written! Start by throwing everything you might need on your guest bed. Keep sharpies, quart sized bags, post-it notes all right beside you at all times. My tactic: Use quart size ziploc bags to place … Read more

Honeymoon Planning Series – #1 Budget

Congratulations on your engagement! This starts such an exciting, albeit tiring/exhilarating time of your life! Soak up every second…before you know it you’ve been married eight years (not that I would know anything about that…I’m still 21, right?) (source) So I know you’ve been bombarded with 100 wedding check-lists and I’m adding to those but … Read more

And the list making begins!

As we start to focus on our upcoming family trip to Paris and Provence, I’m documenting the process the entire way!  Finding blogs specific to traveling with babies under a year is not easy. Our daughter will be 6.5 months on the day of departure, still at an age where she’s not crawling and not … Read more

Family Travel Blogs

As a new mom that plans to do as much traveling as budget and time will allow, I’ve been reading every family travel blog I can find!  Our little girl has been on 8 planes before she was even born! I wanted to share the list with my readers who may also be thankful for … Read more


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