The Name Game!

This post serves as more a “P.S.A” in regards to passport names.

So you know when you’re travel pro says “I need your names exactly as they appear on your passports along with birthdates?” Well, we aren’t kidding!

This is a link to an “old” blog post from TSA but re-confirms what I hear myself and coworkers saying day in and day out, What’s In a Name. Even better is if you provide us either in person or via e-mail a photo of your passport so that we ensure we are seeing it properly. It also gives us an opportunity to make sure you have enough time left on your passport.


Next time you plan on traveling, immediately pull out that passport or go to the safety deposit box and take a look before reaching out to your travel consultant. Personally I keep a photo in an email file so I always have it. Good tip when traveling! 

Happy Travels!

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