Where In the World Have I Been…

I would love to be writing that I’ve been traveling to exotic and new destinations, but that’s just not the case!

In reality, I have been trying to sell a house, trying to find a house and baking a baby!

I didn’t have intentions of leaving this space so blank, like most bloggers, and I actually have a list of topics in “Notes” on my iPhone but honestly with everything going on, I sit down to write and my mind goes blank. Not worth it for you or me!
But lots of changes coming down the pipe! I finally bought a domain, www.heatherchristophertravel.com but um, yea, that’s on my list of to-do’s also!
So here is what’s happening;
Baby #2 is due on May 22nd
We are trying to sell our house in Northern Virginia 
We are moving back to our families in South Central Pennsylvania.
My maternity leave will end on Monday, August 3rd (pending a healthy baby/momma/move) and I will begin working Monday, Wednesday and Friday (my current schedule) from home for Classic Travel.
My phone number and e-mail address will remain the same!
This is so exciting, yet so scary for someone like myself who thrives in a structured environment and working with others. 
Thankfully there is FaceTime and Skype! πŸ™‚

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